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Barclay Databases

Barclay databases provide comprehensive data on 7492 Hedge Funds and CTA programs. Clients have access to data in several formats and with the monthly frequency of their choice. Barclay accomodates to the production cycles of our clients. The table below displays a LIVE snapshot of our database.

Based on our seventeen years of experience in data collection, research, and consulting services, we have established long-standing relationships with many of these managers; thereby helping to increase the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of the information we provide.

Maintenance and growth of the Barclay Alternative Investment Database is based on a continuous process of checking and rechecking data inputs as well as adapting and applying new information technologies to improve the efficiency of the data collection process. In addition, our group’s extensive interaction with alternative asset managers around the globe, combined with our proprietary analytical tools, gives our team a unique perspective and coupled with in-depth knowledge of the alternative investment industry and its universe of managers.

Snapshot of Barclay Databases

As of February-9-2016 18:30 US CST

Currently Active 1316 6176
Updated through January 2016 750 1587
Percentage updated 56.99% 25.7%
Updated during the past 7 days 618 1536
Funds with positive ROR 541 405
Average Positive ROR 3.90% 1.92%
Funds with negative ROR 209 1182
Average Negative ROR -3.59% -4.23%
Average ROR 1.81%-2.66%
Highest ROR27.13%16.00%
Median ROR1.61%-2.05%
Lowest ROR -51.01% -31.59%
Fund of Funds reporting 32 213

To inquire about our databases, contact Sol Waksman at: (641)472 3456