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Barclay CTA Database

The Barclay CTA Database is widely recognized throughout the world as the largest, most comprehensive, and most accurate commercially available CTA database. Barclay Trading Group began collecting data on Commodity Trading Advisors in 1985 and has been in operation for the past 18 years under the same ownership and management. Since its launch, Barclay management and staff have been devoted to increasing standards of data accuracy and user-friendliness for managers and subscribers.

  • The largest CTA database. The Barclay CTA Database contains information on Commodity Trading Advisor programs. These managers range in size to several US$ billions.
  • The most comprehensive CTA database. The Barclay CTA Database provides the user with the information necessary to make in-depth market comparisons or preliminary investment selections. Furthermore, it is structured to give subscribers ease of use, superior flexibility and elegance of analysis. The Database includes:

    A complete performance history of the manager or fund.
    Program descriptions.
    Category by strategy and sector.
    Portfolio allocations.
    Round turns per year.
    Margin to equity ratios.
    Money under management.
    Fee structures.
    Biographies and contact information.

  • The most accurate and up-to-date CTA database. Accuracy — which we define not only in mathematical terms, but also in terms of timeliness of data delivery — is the foremost priority of the management and staff of the Barclay Group. For more than 18 years, we have maintained rigorous procedures for collecting and verifying data to insure this high standard of accuracy. The procedures undergo continuous review and upgrading.

    Each month, all of the managers in the Barclay CTA Database receive a two-page summary report from us detailing their data for the past 48 months. Each manager is then asked to verify that the data is correct

Procedures for Use

  • Subscribers receive updates twice per month via email or CD. In the near future, updates will be available on demand.
  • Choice of formats. Data is available in EXCEL, ACCESS, PerTrac, LaPorte, and the proprietary Barclay MAP software. Barclay MAP software easily and elegantly provides a vast array of customized reports, along with innumerable other tools.
  • Managers. Inclusion in the Barclay CTA Database provides managers with a no-cost, simple, effortless, and effective means of communicating their most current performance to a very select group of institutional and accredited investors around the globe. Each month, hundreds of potential investors utilize our database services when evaluating hedge funds for their investment portfolios.
  • Easy, convenient, professional. Data collection and verification procedures have been designed to minimize the use of time and effort. Managers can choose to:

    1) Login to a secure section of The Barclay Trading Group website and input their own data; or
    2) Send the data in an email so that Barclay staff can input it.

Karen Harris is the head of client services for the Barclay CTA Database. She can be reached at 641-472-3456 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, Central Time. She looks forward to speaking with you and is always happy to help you in any way possible.

Barclay Trading Group is not affiliated with Barclays Bank.